Friday, 23 September 2016

Musings. Part 4. Ratios update.


Back after summer break. Didn't think I'd take it all away from this, but after a looong year of college, unwinding in other ways were needed! 

I'm glad to have broken my update cycle from this blog too. Up until now, I've always made sure to have two updates each month. As I've mentioned before, this was quite hard though while dealing with college, and a pressure I really didn't need to put on myself. 

So from this point forward, posts will come when they come. At least for this year, while I'm completing my honours degree. 


So, Deathwatch happened. Suddenly we have full plastic mk8 armour! I had initially planned to convert a full suit for a Sternguard member. With the mark now fully available though, there's no way I couldn't revisit my ratios to include more. I'm already using a number of mk8 torsos. Would be silly not to also include a number of legs, backpacks and heads in the mix.

This list is deeper than the previous as it covers all 40 bodies, and assigns each part used to a specific unit. This is obviously all able to be tweaked if necessary though, and I'm sure will be. 
I'm still trying to keep the ratios as realistic as possible. For example, half the legs used are of the combined most current marks (mk7 and mk8). Mk8 is used sparingly though, as per the fluff it's still being newly integrated into the ranks. 

Backpacks aren't listed yet as I'm still purposely leaving it open as to how I want to handle them. The Imperial Marine's legs and torso are labeled as mk1. I know they're not actually, but since he's the first marine they kind of still are :). Finally, some torsos are hidden for now, as I'd like to reveal them when ready. 

So with all that in mind, these are the new numbers:


mk8 -  4
mk7 - 16
mk6 -  8
mk5 -  4
mk4 -  4
mk3 -  3
mk1 -  1


srg -  5
lib -  1
mk8 -  2
mk7 - 18
mk6 -  8
mk5 -  2
mk4 -  2
mk3 -  2


mk8 - 4
mk6 - 4
mk5 - 4
mk4 - 4
mk3 - 3
mk1 - 1
mk7 - 20:

1 - omega and skull with wings
1 - skull with wreath
1 - scroll
1 - skull
1 - skull and crossbones
2 - imperial eagle
2 - skull with wings
2 - skull and crossbones with wings

Unit breakdown:

legs  - 1 mk8, 4 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk4, 1 mk3.
heads - 1 srg, 5 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk4.
torso - 5 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk4, 1 mk3.

legs  - 1 mk8, 4 mk7, 2 mk6, 2 mk5, 1 mk3.
heads - 1 srg, 5 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk4, 1 mk3.
torso - 1 mk8, 5 mk7, 1 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk4, 1 mk3.

legs  - 1 mk8, 4 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk4, 1 mk3.
heads - 1 srg, 1 mk8, 4 mk7, 2 mk6, 1 mk5, 1 mk3.
torso - 2 mk8, 4 mk7, 1 mk6, 2 mk5, 1 mk4.

legs  - 1 mk8, 1 mk7, 1 mk6, 1 mk4, 1 mk1.
heads - 1 srg, 1 mk8, 2 mk7, 1 mk6.
torso - 1 mk8, 2 mk7, 1 mk3, 1 mk1.  

legs  - 2 mk7, 1 mk6, 1 mk4.
heads - 1 srg, 2 mk7, 1 mk6.
torso - 3 mk7, 1 mk4.

legs  - 1 mk7.
heads - 1 lib.
torso - 1 mk7.

So there's the numbers for now. Another big change from these new deathwatch parts is that the sergeants I made earlier in the blog will no longer be used. This is because I want to give mk8 legs to some, and add the rear torsos shown in my other new post. 
With all that in mind, It's going to be a lot easier just to remake them again. Even though it means redoing that nice omega torso I made!

Finally, as I've mentioned before, every head, torso, pair of legs and backpack will be unique in some way from every other. Something I'm dubbing 'project snowflake'. As such, I think it would pretty cool to have a page where I visually document every part used in the entire army. Every unique item, plus one of everything used in multiples. So look out for the beginnings of that in the future. 

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  1. Welcome back! I was a bit scared that you could quit this cool blog. In the other hand mine is dead and resurrected in another form..however, glad to see your fantastic conversions!

    1. Hey :). Nope, don't worry. However long it takes, this will be documented until the end. Nice start on your reboot btw.