Friday, 23 September 2016

Making: Infantry. Part 9. Holsters update, rear torsos.


Half way through. They each take around 2 hours to make, so this is a nice place to get to!
The earlier ones definitely need some cleaning up, but I'll get round to that later. Bit tired of sculpting for now, and the torsos below are a welcome change. Have some brownstuff on the way, so looking forward to testing that out on the next batch. 

Rear Torso

Rules-wise, combat knives obviously aren't part of a marine's wargear anymore. It's such an iconic part of their loadout, that I really still wanted to include them if I could though.
The pouch by the handle is removed to make room for the holster btw. 

MK4 Torso

This is my solution to having cabling on the back of the mk4 torsos. I could obviously have tried sculpting it on, but I'd never get it as good as the already molded stuff. It is a lot of extra work, but details like this are exactly what this project is about :) 

As shown above, there is a difference in size between the backpack mounting blocks. This was easy enough to fix by slicing the difference from the deathwatch block, and adding it to the mk4 version. Doing so meant the grooves found on the sides of these blocks needed filling though, as they were now doubled on each side of the top half. That was done with a few layers of liquid sprue, which I also used to fill the gaps in the main join.

So, I think that's everything. The plan for now is to pick away at these rear torsos until I get sick of them, then swap over to holsters again. Getting both of those done will be big milestones!
 Might get stuck into resizing the new mk8 legs at the same time too. Love the new scale they're going for with marines, but I cant have it on just one mark of armour!

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  1. That's an incredible amount of work. But it'll pay for itself in the end with such an awesome looking force!