Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Making: Infantry. Part 8. Walking Legs update.

I'm free!! 

Finished college for summer two weeks ago. Ironically though, I've been really struggling to find any motivation to get back into modelling now I'm able to!

The little I've to show here has been a real bear to do as a result. I've even thrown out and reordered something else that I was half way through working on. Motivation levels obviously rise and fall though, so whatever. I'll take a little break, and start up properly again, once I'm ready. 

space marine snowshoes

The boot heels still need built up with more Green Stuff, so they're not as flat with the toes. I haven't done that yet, as while I was shaping the soles, I realised the following problem:  

With larger boots, obviously comes longer toes. This means that the angled boot now dips lower than the level of the flat boot. Stopping the model from sitting flush on a base. I didn't notice this due to it sitting level before I had to reduce the thickness of the sole on the flat foot, which I forgot I had to take into account. 

The best way I can think of fixing that would be to remove the toe of the angled boot, and shorten it enough to have it come to ground level with the flat boot. I'll probably carve back the heel line a bit as well to help with the toe then being shorter. 

That's all problem solving for another day though!

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