Saturday, 30 April 2016

Musings. Part 2. A new beginning.

There were very few things that could've made me change my list. A limited ed replica of the first ever space marine though is definitely one of them! 

The way I see it, if I'm going to include this guy, he needs to be in a unit deserving of him. I'm sure I'm the only person on the planet to decide this, but I'm not going to be playing him with his special rules. They are amazing, don't get me wrong, but I'm fairly confident wont always be around. I'd like this guy to be able to be though.

As such, he's going to be a member of my sternguard in the list below. A unit worthy of such revered armour. There he will fight alongside Vael Donatus, having returned from his service in the deathwatch. 
I have no idea yet what the other members will look like, but I look forward to figuring that out while I'm painting through the first half of the army. 

So this is the new list (or close enough, it may get further tweaked!).

220  - 10 dev (las x4) 
200  - 10 tact (plas, combi-plas, d.pod)
195  - 10 tact (melt, combi-melt, d.pod) 
185  -   5 strn (combi-melt x4, d.pod) 
114  -   4 bike (grav x2)
  85  -   1 lib (bike)

None of my previous post regarding ratio's changes here. Still have 40 power armoured bodies, so everything still pretty much holds. Here I'm taking the bikes and leader into account in those though, which I really should have before.

Loads of new ideas in the works to accommodate these changes. For now though I'm just sticking to my plan of getting the first half of the army made. It takes a lot of resolve not to jump into something else doesn't it! 

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