Saturday, 30 April 2016

Making: Infantry. Part 7. Walking Legs.

Very small update on the modelling front. I didn't expect to have anything for show this month though to be honest. Looking forward to exams being over!

Really happy to have a pair of these classic walking legs. I completely forgot these existed until reminded of them here. Cheers for that Stats, if you're reading this. And thanks very much to Tony Deady of the Irish gaming community for finding them for me. Was pricing up old metal marines that had them at first, as I never thought I'd find a plastic pair!

The ball joint is taken from a current pair of legs. It's not the cleanest of work, but obviously doesn't need to be as it wont be seen. kind of looks like its made from green stuff too from the difference in colours. The only real noticeable difference scale-wise are the feet I think. There are a few other minor differences, but I think I can get away with them. The feet definitely need scaled up though, as you can see below. 

The next steps in this will be to remove the original toes. Then I'll remove the soles from both the original feet and the new toes. I'll create a new sole from plastic card, sized to the width of the new toes. This will be added to the original feet. Then I'll add the new toes, and extend the width of whats left of the original foot with greenstuff. Hopefully that makes sense!

Once the feet are done, I'll add a few newer details on the legs to help tie them in with the rest.

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  1. Sorry,a bit in late! The walking legs, fantastic! I'm right now doing some Ultramarines: I have a bit of shame of saying this because first I forgot about the walking legs for my Space Marines, second I did nothing of conversions etc., third if you paint as you sculpt, do not look at them LoL! However your blog is fantastic, keep on writing, I like your precision and theme.

    1. Hey bud :)
      Awesome! I still haven't painted a model in ten years, so who knows what mine will be like :D. Have an orc blood bowl team I'm going to do over the summer though, so hopefully that'l be enough practice. Thanks very much. Talk to you later.