Thursday, 31 March 2016

Musings. Part 1. Ratios.


A new section! 

Something to use to share my thoughts and the challenges as I progress through this project. It occurred to me that a lot of what's swirling around my head, is never actually explained, and I'm sure that must be of interest to some. Personally, it would be to me.

I've long thought about starting a section like this, but due to my lack of confidence in any actual writing skills, have always put it off. As I'm currently buried in college work however, this is being pushed to the forefront! 
I have a number of projects and exams on the go now, and there's no way I could realistically keep every post consisting of new builds. 

So now you know what this is, and hopefully It may help me learn how to write as well :). Now, onto some content:


I thought I'd start this off with listing what my actual plans are for the army as a whole with relation to the numbers of everything. 
The ratios of everything are really important to me in regard to giving the right feel to the army as a whole. I want the majority of armour to be MK 7 for example, as that's obviously realistic to the period I'm modelling this to. So for the 40 pairs of legs needed for infantry, my ratios are:

mk7 - 20 
mk6 - 10
mk5 -  5 
mk4 -  5 

Certain numbers I want to be somewhat fluid though. To accommodate things that I may want to effect them, like future releases. 
To allow for this I have another list of numbers which only covers half the army. This is the one I'm working off with regard to building. That way I have room to tweak as necessary, with the added bonus of helping manage burnout. 

These are the basic numbers for the half size list. This includes the devastators and sergeants. They're a bit more ordered than this in certain areas, such as each pair of legs has been assigned to each unit. Other parts are also being purposely left unassigned for freedom during building. I've not included MK5 heads or legs, as I'm banking on them being released in plastic. 


mk7 - 11

mk6  6 
mk4 -  3


serg - 4 

mk7 - 10  
mk6 -   3 
mk4 -   2  
mk3 -   1 


mk8 - 3

mk6 - 2
mk5 - 2
mk4 - 2
mk3 - 1

mk7 - 10

1 - skull on wings

1 - skull with crossbones on wings
1 - skull
1 - skull with crossbones
1 - eagle
1 - wreath
1 - skull on wings with omega
1 - secret for now
1 - secret for now 
1 - scroll 


missile - 4

signum -  1
regular - 9
alt     - 6


eagle - 2

skull with wings - 2 
skull - 2
secret - 2
secret - 2

So that's a glimpse at some of the plans for the first half of this army (excluding bikes and captain). Everything you see being built going forward will be a part of this. With more details being revealed as they're completed.

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