Thursday, 31 March 2016

Making: Infantry. Part 6. Backpacks.

I hate that these are so unfinished this update. There's a lot of cleaning still to be done on these, along with things like greenstuff and rivets needing added. As explained in my other post though, time is really tight for me right now. I'll update these with newer pics though once there finished.

Idea taken from this blog. I've pinned mine in place though as I didn't trust plastic glue alone for these. This lead to a bit of bother though, due to finding most of these having rogue air bubbles.This meant I had to drill out the bubble holes with a larger bit, and fill them with styrene rod. Then I could drill a straight hole for pinning. 

Update on holsters from previous post:

I had it in my head that procreate was a more brownstuff than greenstuff like substance! I'm sure that's what I'd read when looking into it, but I guess not. It's definitely not able to be as finely sanded or carved as I'd hoped.
I'm half thinking of scratch building my own holster to cast. Would be tricky, but save me a LOT of time over converting all these official ones. If I could pull it off!

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