Monday, 29 February 2016

Making: Infantry. Part 5. Holsters.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise to those following this so far, that every model in this army will be WYSIWYG. That of course, means bolt pistols. Which means holsters. Lots of holsters.

A big peave of mine with these holsters is how the weapons aren't loaded. With the exception of the recent thunderwolf cavalry set. I'm fairly confident I'd never be able to find 44 of those anywhere for grabs, so that leaves me with having to make my own.
No marine of mine is going to have to fumble around loading his sidearm before he can use it! 

In an ideal world, this is the point where I'd begin teaching myself how to cast. Games Workshop's stance is against this though, and I plan on entering this into an Armies on Parade when it's finally done. This unfortunately means I've a lot more of these to do!

I've five of these bad boys made up so far, as shown below. There's a lot of differences there though, due to my sucking at sculpting. I find it hard to get them all looking identical within the amount of work time available. 

I have some Procreate in the mail, which I think would be far better than Green Stuff for this. Hopefully I could then just roughly sculpt the main form onto the holsters, and clean them all up to be identical with file and knife once it's set. 

We shall see....

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