Sunday, 6 December 2015

Making: Infantry. Part 3. Legs.

Some alternative legs to break up the standard pairs. Initially as I made these, I figured out that I could have a unique pair of legs for every marine in the army. I've since worked out that I should be able to have unique heads, torsos and backpacks for everyone as well!

By unique, I don't mean that each part will look completely different to every other. Just that there's a difference in some way between them all. Not that I expect that to be in any way noticed, but for me personally, I think that's really cool! 

Not the best fit!

Reminds me of Boni from Trap Door! These are being put on 25mm bases to accommodate the transport I already have for them btw. I hate that they are though, and if I can figure out a way to have them as 32mm without breaking the bank, I'll instantly re-base them! 

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  1. Nice clean job as always: I agree with you, a small detail can make the difference!
    However, have you ever thought to make some "walking Marines"? I think it is not a simple job, but with your skills I suppose it could be quite easy!
    I'm asking this because I've done some walking Necron (I think more simple than walking SM), and the mini made in that way are very different (better) in my opinion: it is not a pompous modification, but it is very nice (I think).

  2. I completely missed this! I got so used to no one else commenting, I stopped checking :D. I’ll keep a better eye out.

    A walking marine seems like a great idea. I remember there being a pair of walking legs in second ed, and them looking good. I’ll have to think about that.

    I have the assault marine running legs already made up. I really like them. Was considering using the vanguard legs as well, to have an entire unit be running. I think they’re better off sprinkled into the whole army though.

    Googled ‘Walking Necrons’. They do look good! Just fitting the bases properly makes a huge difference I think. Let alone the squatting being fixed! I think I’ve found a way to transport this army on 32mm bases too, so I should be upgrading at some point in the future. Which I’d be VERY happy about!

    More leg conversions on my new infantry post btw.