Sunday, 15 November 2015

Making: Infantry. Part 2. Torsos.

Some more chapter specific torsos. I have a few different ideas for 'ultra-stamped' items that I want to sprinkle into the army. I'm hoping they'l come off as little hidden details that reveal themselves to you the more you look. 

Sergeant's Torso

This one's for the Devastator Sergeant. Left the groin plate blank for now, as I'm not sure if I'm removing it yet. He may get a cloth with raised U added. To tie in with the banners from the other sergeants, that he's otherwise missing. 

Infantry Torso

That crime on the right side of the U taunts me, but paint should hide it! Quite proud of the rivets I added directly under the U, and the skull though. Skull is from the Ravenwing banner btw.

Infantry Torso

I think I was 'hobbied out' when I did this. The belt carving could be a lot better, and the top edges of the U are way too short. Rather than wrestle with Greenstuff at that scale, I'll just order another :).

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