Monday, 26 October 2015

Making: Infantry. Part 1. Banners, MK8 Torso, Combi-Meltas.


I’m a big fan of banners. Proudly displaying the chapter’s heraldry in battle is a very 'space-mariney' trait I think. An honour no Sergeant of mine would refuse! 


Probably more work to do on these. Like adding scrolls for the classic 'ULTRA' text. I may carve borders around the icons and edges of cloth too (if possible!).

MK8 Torso

Skull already carved off the collar

rivets added to collar.

The old upgrade shoulder pads on him are a plan that I've since abandoned. He'l also be getting a loincloth at some stage, and swapping his combi-melta for the combi-plasma.


My attempt at sculpting!

Just some tweaks to break up them being the same model. Might also add a different magazine to one. This guy is due a loin cloth or cingulum as well. 

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  1. Compliments, your skills in kitbashing and modifications are excellent and also your precision too!

  2. Thank you very much :). Stay-tuned for more.