Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blog Introduction


Welcome to this blog! The aim of which is to document the progression of a 40k Ultramarine army from start to finish. Having not done any modeling for roughly 10 years, I thought it would be a good idea to record the journey for myself. Especially as this is the only project of this type I intend to do (famous last words!).

I don’t plan to re-immerse myself into 40k, but would like to have something that I could take out for a casual game every now and then. The main reason though is purely for the joy of working with my hands again. As such, I plan to put as much care as I can into this, and throw everything I can think of into it. Perhaps entering it into an ‘Armies on Parade’ when finished.

So, here’s the list:

Edit - List below has been altered as found and explained here.

200  - 10 dev (msl x4)
200  - 10 tact (plas, combi-plas, d.pod)
195  - 10 tact (melt, combi-melt, d.pod)
195  - 10 tact (melt, combi-melt, d.pod)
145  -   1 capt (bike, a.armr, p.swrd)
  63  -   3 bike

As true to Ultramarines, and as 'edition-proof' as I can think to make it. I don’t expect the new demi-company rules to forever exist obviously, but I’d be surprised if this ever became illegal!

Now on with the building….

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